Adgnosco Veteris Vestigia Flammae

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Band Name Altar Of Perversion
Album Name Adgnosco Veteris Vestigia Flammae
Type EP
Data de aparición 30 Enero 2006
Estilo MusicalBlack Metal
Miembros poseen este álbum3


1. Unholy Catharsis 11:41
2. The Flame of Hate and Wisdom 10:57
Total playing time 22:38

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Altar Of Perversion

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Comentario @ Lucibel

22 Abril 2008
Sincerely, I hadn't had the oportunitty to listen to this band before, I just had a little contact with their music a long time ago, when Calus, the former member of Altar of Perversion, played in Necromass. Some month ago I listened this 10" MLP and let me tell you that it was a big surprise, and I will tell you why...

First of all, the music and sounds portrayed in this release are deep, but I'm not talking about just in a simple way about this, I could say that you feel the darkness and strenght through every minute of the release. I know that it's raw black metal, but it has something different, deep and original in the structure, melody and composition of the album. About the ideology/spirituality of the band, specially from Calus, it's a very sincere and honest proposal, you can see through their lines a real conviction for what they are doing. I also, from a personal point of view, add that their approach to satanism it's one of the best and honest I've heard in a lot of time, and their combination with paganism and ancient knowledge, makes from this band one of the best, if not the best italian black metal band...

So, if you are looking for a band with a deep spirit in its music, and with an honest and true proposal and ideology/spirituality this is a must for you. This is what the actual black metal escene, full of empty wanna be "evil" and "dark" worms will never be able to understand...
Hail Calus, Hail AOP!!!

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