A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors

Lista de los grupos Black Metal Xasthur (USA) A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors
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Band Name Xasthur (USA)
Album Name A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors
Type Album
Data de aparición 11 Septiembre 2001
Estilo MusicalBlack Metal
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Re-Issue in 2004 by Total Holocaust Records with a different cover and a different tracklist.
Re-Issue in 2008 by Hydra Head Records with a second disc included.
1. Intro 01:16
2. Moon Shrouded in Misery (Pt. I) 06:46
3. Suicide in Dark Serenity 10:39
4. Dwell Beneath the Woods of Evil 05:14
5. Cursed by the Memory of Light 07:04
6. Possession of Desolate Magick 05:40
7. Storms of Red Revenge 04:16
8. A Spell Within the Winds 04:34
9. Summon the End of Time 04:52
10. Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors 08:32
11. Kingdom of Burning Crucifixions 04:21
12. Moon Shrouded in Misery (Pt. II) 01:47
13. Black Spell of Destruction / Channelling the Power (Burzum Covers) 07:34
1. Intro 01:25
2. Moon Shrouded in Misery (Pt. I) 07:19
3. Suicide in Dark Serenity 12:27
4. Dwell Beneath the Woods of Evil 05:29
5. Cursed by the Memory of Light 07:28
6. Possession of Desolate Magick 05:47
7. A Spell Within the Winds 04:47
8. Storms of Red Revenge 02:45
9. Eternal Empire of Majesty Death (Mutiilation Cover) 07:17
10. A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirror 08:40
11. Kingdom of Burning Crucifixions 04:43
12. Moon Shrouded in Misery (Pt. II) 02:09
13. Black Spell of Destruction (Burzum Cover) 06:14
14. Outro / Lost Behind Bloodstained Mirrors 00:45
1. Conjuration of Terror (First Attempt w/o Vox) 06:28
2. Tyrant of Nightmares 06:40
3. Doomed By Howling Winds 10:34
4. Middle Ages Return 04:22
5. (What Became) the Funeral of Being 03:08
6. Untitled (Rehearsal 06/1997) 06:25
Total playing time 01:50:08

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Crónica @ hack

21 Octubre 2009
This is the first full length offering from this black metal band from California. Spirit of metal lists 2 performers for the band, but I think that this album was a one man effort, the work of Malefic. My 2 disc set is the 2004 reissue. The first disc is very good, but the second disc was recorded in mono, instead of stereo, and the quality sounds like absolute crap. So I don't even bother listening to the 2nd disc.

The music is played at a medium to slow tempo and is very atmospheric. Inside of the album is more art, a painting depicts many people and dogs slain, as if a massacre had taken place. When I bought this album in 2006, there was a sticker on the cellophane wrapper, that said something like "here is Xasthur in all of his miserable glory". I don't find this music as miserable, but more relaxing, I like to unwind with creepy black metal. The music can be characterized as cold, grim, and raw (as in underproduced). Most of the songs are instumentals. The few songs that do have lyrics are about black magic, death, and hatred.

The intro is a spooky song played with a synthesizer. Then next is Moon Shrouded In Misery. It starts off with Burzum like grinding and then switches gears with a spooky melody. There are many diverse dimensions(a bizarre approach of multi tracking) to this polyphonic collection of songs. Thrashy bass riffs in the background, a muffled screaming voice in the background. Haunting keyboard melodies, etc. His songs are composed in many layers. At any given time a particular instrument's volume will be turned up, to emphasize that melody, while the volume of other instruments will be turned down to subdue their effect. In the middle of the song, Suicide in Dark Serenity, is a guitar riff(played repeatedly) that sounds like a voice saying "insane." Dwelling Beneath The Woods is a nicely composed song that reminds me of Burzum. Cursed Be The Memory Of Light jumps back at you with a faster tempo and catchier melody. The acoustic guitar rhythms seem fit to be played at a funeral. Possession is a spooky song punctuated by the creepy synthesizer play. Spell Within The Winds is a little more lively, with another Burzum like song, with a hateful mood.

The songs are very cyclic. They back and forth between atmospheric spooky music and a Burzum like morbid sound. My favorite song on the album is Eternal Empire Majesty, which is a Death/Mutilation cover. It sounds cool as hell with the distorted effects. Similar bands are Krohm, Necronoclast, and of course Burzum. There is also a Burzum cover of the song, Black Spell Of Destruction, on this album.

This album has a horrifying and misanthropic air about it, so I highly recommend this album for fans of Blut Aus Nord.

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emofreak33 - 27 Septiembre 2011: nice review! its great to find another Xasthur fan haha
hack - 27 Septiembre 2011: Alright, thanks!
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