A Desperate Need to Fuck My Grandma

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Violent / Sexual Content
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Band Name Doggy Style
Album Name A Desperate Need to Fuck My Grandma
Type EP
Data de aparición 30 Octubre 2012
Estilo MusicalPorno Gore Grind
Miembros poseen este álbum0


1. Anal Fist
2. Golden Shower
3. Sperm Intoxication
4. Doggy Style
5. Painful Erection, Extreme Penetration
6. Necropedo
7. Piss in Your Ass
8. Bloody Cumshot
9. Dick Lobotomy
10. Vaginal Explosion
11. Virgin Eater
12. Diesel Uterus
13. Fuck My Grandma
14. Fecal Shower
15. Rape My Dog and Shit My Cat
16. The Cum Shooter
17. Boner Haemorrhage
18. Fecal Masturbation

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Doggy Style