Suicidal Angels : Band signs With Noiseart Records

Tuesday 31 August 2010 - 21:41:53 by MothandMoon

Greek thrashers Suicidal Angels have inked a deal with NoiseArt Records. The winners of the Rock The Nation awards 2009, which was presented by magazines from all over Europe, the quartet has found itself a perfect home as the label is a Division of Rock The Nation, which also serves as the band's booking agency.

Suicidal Angels has completed work on its on third album, "Dead Again", for a November 19 release. The CD's cover artwork was created by Ed Repka, who has previously worked with Megadeth and DEATH, among many others.

"Dead Again" was recorded with producer R.D. Liapakis and Engineer C. Schmid at Prophecy and Music Factory studios.

Commented Liapakis: "SUICIDAL ANGELS were in a great shape, very well prepared. The album's 11 tracks are Killers, with breathtaking riffs. They sound like steam rollers squashing everything under their massive riffing."

According to a press release, "with 'Dead Again' [SUICIDAL ANGELS] has again taken Thrash Metal to another level — tight, Aggressive, fast and old school as fuck!"

For more information, please visit the band's official myspace:


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