Powered Wig Machine : Vinyl Edition Of Debut LP and LP Bonus Track Streaming At The Obelisk

Saturday 14 March 2015 - 08:57:27 by Hellsheimer

Southern Arizona Stoner rock specialists POWERED WIG MACHINE's 2014 sophomore album, Supa-Collider, is this week reintroduced to the world one year after its initial release via Battleground Records. The album now comes raging back to life on 180-gram translucent green vinyl with orange and black splatters, housed in a deluxe gatefold package and bearing the new LP-only track, "Highish Noon," along with a download of the record.
The Obelisk caught a whiff of this Supa-Collider reissue being passed around and Wanted to get in on the Action, picking up POWERED WIG MACHINE's bonus jam for the rest of the planet. The write-up praises how the band excels at, "switching on a dime from winding heavy riffery to airy psych jamming and back again before kicking into wah-soaked layered-solo righteousness," continuing on about the track's, "swaying groove that seems to be asking what would've happened if Clutch wrote 'Dragonaut' instead of Sleep."
Spark-up the weekend early "Highish Noon" at The Obelisk right over HERE.
Following recent live gigs supporting Uriah Heep, as well as the inaugural Borderland Fuzz Fiesta which was organized by POWERED WIG MACHINE's brothers Joey and Wayne  Rudell, the band HAS a hometown Saint Patrick's Day blowout with Ape Machine and Ghetto Blaster, which also serves as an informal record release show for the Supa-Collider LP. The band remains immersed in the writing Process for their third album which they'll record in the next several months.
3/17/2015 JR's Bar - Sierra Vista, AZ w/ Ape Machine, Ghetto Blaster
Pick up the limited wax reissue of Supa-Collider -- limited to 300 copies -- via Battleground Records HERE and the band HERE.
Now in their eighth year as a band, POWERED WIG MACHINE's ever-evolving, entertaining brew of fuzzed-out, southern fried blues-boogie and righteous jams merging classic rock/blues influences with that of top-tier modern rock acts, the Tombstone, Arizona-based "Tombstoners" have issued several recorded works since Inception, including their 2009 debut full-length, Bearded Goddess. In March of 2014 the band delivered the fantastic jams of their sophomore album, Supa-Collider, their dexterous diversity and empowering tactics shining brighter than the blazing sun which ignites their desert surroundings on the album, putting the listener on cruise control into the furthest reaches of the planet and beyond, the tunes infiltrated with a slight flux of sci-fi otherworldliness. Self-recorded by the band and mixed by Brian Gold at Primrose Studio in Sierra Vista, mastered by Chris Goosman at Baseline Audio, the artwork was crafted by Joseph Rudell and Rudy Flores. Fans of Clutch, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Queens Of The Stone Age and Fu Manchu, tune in. 


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