Nicholas Barker Co-produces New Circle Of Witches

Thursday 11 February 2016 - 22:08:38 by HBKom

ITalian Heavy metallers Circle OF Witches, who recently signed with Alpha Omega Management, a have just begun the recording sessions for their brand new album titled “TRUE Born SINNER” at ALPHA Omega STUDIO on the placid banks of Como Lake (Italy). The album is being produced by ALEX AZZALI (Ancient, Behemoth, Dismember, GRAVE, Rotting Christ, CRO MAGS, Vader) and NICHOLAS BARKER (Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Brujeria, LOCK-UP, Testament, Ancient).

The new Circle of Witches’ career chapter follows Two years later “Rock the Evil”, promising to be more heavy Metal influenced by NWOBHM sounds of Judas Priest and new Scan Metal of Grand Magus and Ghost, as the band announced.

“True Born Sinner”’s Nine tracks are based on the concept of “riot” told through Ancient extraordinary figures such as Lucifer, Spartacus and Giordano Bruno. An intro composed by STEVE SPETTRO from one MAN horror-electronic band SPETTRO FAMILY will open the album. The artwork is being made by Greek designer NIKO MARKOGIANNAKIS (Rotting Christ, Die Sektor, Anubis Gate) who already worked on the previous album “Rock the Evil”. A special page on is dedicated to “Diary of a Sinner”, a daily chronicle about studio working.

After Two Russian tours as opening ACT for Doro and UDO, the official Sign for ALPHA Omega MANAGEMENT (together with Venom INC, Ancient, M-PIRE OF Evil, Engel, Noctem) the band keeps on working under Azzali’s guide.

Circle OF Witches is:

Mario “HELL” Bove – lead vocals and guitar

Anthes “DARKBLOOD” – second guitar and backing vocals

Joe “EVIL” Caputo – bass and backing vocals

Joey “HELMET” Coppola - drums


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