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Tuesday 22 January 2013 - 21:30:44 by Necrotic1

2013 is going to be a busy year ! First Release is going to be Animated Dead - "Tombs of Carnage" set for a release date of March 13th with an official release show the following Friday at FUBAR with Deceased ! these mid-western Death Metal masterminds have been over-looked for over 20 years, 2013 there will be No More overlooking this band.

Shorty after the Animated Dead release Necrotic is turning attention over seas with the follow up full length to the Debue digipack "An Achitecture of Human Desolation" which was in it's own right is one of the Finist examples of Swedish Death Metal the world has seen in awile. This new release from Asylium - "Global Decomposition" set for a release date around May 2013. The songs have had their final mixes done, and have now been sent to studio Necromorbus in Stockholm Sweden for mastering. This is the same studio who has worked with Legends of Swedish Death Metal like Watain, Demonical, Grave and Entombed. having heard some of these tracks, pre-mastered I can tell you if you like the first album from Asylium, you will be blown away by the new offering, it's Faster, heavier, and all around better release. this band will be raising the bar of all Death Metal !

Soon after this release we will have the full length cd from Krotchripper. "Troll Booze" most of the people who don't look deep into this band just see a supper heavy Grindcore band which is fine but the technical Genius and overall Drive these Trolls Hide from the untrained ear will be more apparent with the full length. anyone who write these guys off will be sorely mistaken! Before the split release I seen something in this band hidden below the surface I knew they wasn't just a mindless Grindcore band cranking out fast Brutal slam riffs, They had put thought into the song writing, metaphoric lyrics that could be mistaken for the average Gore lyric but looking deeper you see social commentary mixed with The Rotted Stench of the Trolls and a Drive to make each song and each riff placed just right for it's overall effect. the full length "Troll Booze" is currentlly set for July/August 2013 and I promise it will be something Far more than just average! Krotchripper also has a new website that you should go see,

other releases are planned of later in the year, plus other big things are planned for Necrotic Records please visit for more information.

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