Naioth : Announces new drummer

Wednesday 09 July 2014 - 19:54:23 by Pirosaint

Chilean Math Metal band Naioth have recently announced that the drummer Tomas Garcia (ex Daedius/Bluesur) HAS been added as a permanent member.

Member of Naioth have commented:
"When he did the audition for the spot of the drummer, he came in and performed the track “Seed Of Truth”, right there we Saw his technical precision, he was very dynamic and fast. We said to ourselves, this is our guy, he gained the spot deservedly."

Tomas Garcia have commented:
"I’m very happy because i’m able to participate in Naioth, i like the challenge of playing its drum tracks, this will allow me to grow and learn even more my own instrument, i learned about Naioth at the Prog Fest in Valparaiso where we share stage, i liked right there, the energy and the show that they had."

Currently Naioth is finishing the demos for its second album, the band expects to start tracking very soon, so they can be doing shows by The End of 2014.

More information about Naioth HERE

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