Lou Quinse : Announce the release of a reissue of their first demo

Tuesday 22 January 2013 - 21:36:00 by Flammenreise

The Extreme Folk Metal band Lou Quinse will release a reissue of the first band demo (2008).

That's their announcement:

"Here we are again, Folks!
We know you're looking forward to listen to the new full length but we also know it's gonna take a while. How to keep in touch with the right folkish-alpine-satanist metal feeling, so? Simple: we're working on a remastering of our first demo to be published the 30rd of March, 2013.
We're talking about a 12-inch vynil record of pure Folk Metal d'oc. It will be also printed on CD, and will contain the old demo and a still unpublished version of "Lo Pal" featuring Luca Braga (L'Emperaire) at guitars, Davide Di Vincenzo (Lou Mat) at drums, Cecco Cavallero (Lou Pengiat) at Hurdy-Gurdy/Clarì and Simone Cottura (La Força) at backing vocals and flutes.

Everything is ready and remixing/remastering under the Evil patronage of Cecco (Bogia Nen and Vagus Animii's studio Engineer)and Tino Paratore (C.o.v's drummer, Arturo's-and many other- studio Engineer, Torino hard-core legend,live Engineer of Lou Dalfin,LnRipley and Gigi D'Agostino)...POUR PASSER LE RHÔNE CHAL BEN LA DANÇAR!!!"

Source : http://www.facebook.com/LouQuinseXV


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