Left To Vanish : Left to Vanish Recording 3rd Major Album ( Signs with Creep Records )

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Left to Vanish Joins Creep Records to Release New Album, “Dethroned” 

Underground label, Creep Records signs LTV.  Left to Vanish will be linking up with Creep Records to release their 3rd major album titled “Dethroned”. The release is a follow up to the band’s sophomore album, Versus the Throne, which debuted in 2008. With almost 10 years passing since their last album, many are curious as to how the album will sound. In 2016, LTV released their single “The Recurrence Pattern” giving fans a sample of what they’ve been up to.

We’re stoked on how the writing has turned out. The idea behind “Dethroned” has been in our minds since we disbanded in 2009. It’s amazing that even when we linked back up in 2016, all of us still had progressed as musicians. Each one of us went our separate ways musically for a while, but nothing quite felt like LTV does. It’s good to be back, and we’re stoked to be working with one of Philadelphia’s most respected underground labels. This sh*t is gonna be hype.

Dethroned is slated to be released this October on all major streaming outlets, with physical copies of the album available through Creep Records. LTV has entered Sylar Sound Studios this month to begin recording. Follow LTV to stay up to date on details and updates for their new release: Facebook, Instagram, Spotify





Source : https://medium.com/@TheMarketer/left-to-vanish-joins-creep-records-to-release-new-album-dethroned-aaee34f89980


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