Lacrau : debut album Axioma

Friday 28 July 2023 - 19:43:05 by Nekruss

Lacrau - Axioma cover art

The debut Lacrau album – "Axioma" – will be released through Monumental Rex on September 22nd, 2023.

“Axioma” is a conceptual album that combines Depressive, Black and Doom Metal elements to tell a story inspired by the legendary Scandinavian senicide ritual. It is told that the practice consisted in elderly people throwing themselves, or being thrown, from precipices after becoming unable to take care of themselves or perform everyday tasks. The lyrics, written in Portuguese, describe the ritual from different angles, while the musical soundscape seamlessly represents the ebb and flow of the narrated events.

“Axioma” will be released on CD digipak with a six-panel insert featuring abstract and symbolic illustrations, hand-drawn by Lacrau. The design and layouting tasks were carried out by Infected Minds.

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