Thursday 12 January 2006 - 23:55:35 by lyzanxia

Lyzanxia entered the Fredman Studio on January 9th 2006 to record their
third full-length album 'UNSU' with Fredrik Nordström. 'UNSU' is the
long-awaited follow-up to album 'MINDCRIMES', which came out in 2004 in
the USA and a year before in Europe and Japan. Fans can expect more of
every component that has been shaping the Lyzanxia style over the years
in what promises to be the most accomplished Lyzanxia album yet.
The band has already started recording the drums these past few days
and are going to be in the studio for a full
month. You can follow them every step of the way by reading their daily
studio report on [LIEN][/LIEN], where you'll also be able to
watch short home videos of how a Swedish dentist pulled out a wisdom
tooth as vocalist/guitarist Franck Potvin was rushed for an emergency
extraction on the very first day of recording!

For additional info and/or requests, please contact band manager Agnes
Denvir at


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