King Diamond Undergoes Open Heart Triple Bypass Surgery

Sunday 12 December 2010 - 23:38:05 by MothandMoon

Danish Heavy Metal legend King Diamond recently underwent an open
Heart triple bypass surgery, which he is reportedly recovering from
well. A message from his wife reads as follows:

"Let me catch you all up on the past couple of weeks' happenings,
because it affects many things. On Monday, November 29th, King had to be
transported to the nearby hospital by ambulance. After several
different tests were done and the EKG machine showing abnormalities, the
doctors recommended that he get a Cardiac catheterization.

"Cardiac catheterization is a procedure where the doctors lead a very
thin tube up from the leg and into the Heart, where it injects dye into
the bloodstream. Then a camera at The End of the tube takes many
pictures of the heart's arteries, looking for blockages. After this was
done, they determined that King had several Heart attacks, and three of
his heart's arteries were the cause: one was completely blocked, the
second was 90% blocked, and the third was 65% blocked.

"The only solution to this was an open Heart triple bypass surgery.

"If you are interested in the details of how this surgery is
performed, please look it up online. I will only touch on the basics.
The sternum (breastbone) is cut in half and pulled apart, to expose the
heart. Veins are harvested from other places of the body, in King's case
it was his left leg and chest wall. The person is then hooked up to a
machine that practically does the job of the Heart, circulating and
oxygenating the blood.

"The Heart is then stopped, and the lungs Collapse (the lungs stop
working since the Blood is being oxygenated by the machine). The surgeon
then sews the harvested veins in place, bypassing the found blockages.
Once the surgery is done, the surgeon moves the ribs and breastbone back
into place and wires it together. The chest is closed as well. They use
an electric pulse to start the Heart and a breathing machine is lead
into the lungs to restart breathing.

"King's surgery took approximately seven hours.

"Everything went well, and King was taken to ICU for recovery. He was
walking and eating solid food already 2 days after the operation, and he
was the first one in the history of the hospital who walked on his own
Power from the ICU to normal care. 10 days after the ambulance took him
to the emergency room, he is at home and is recovering well. It will be a
few months before he feels completely normal and is without pain.

"He would like to mention here that he's eternally grateful for the
wonderful staff at Centennial Medical Center who took care of him. Dr.
Kourlis, Dr. Kamili, Dr. Alang, Nurse Christie and Nurse Thomas among
many others made sure that he got the best care and attention he could
ever have hoped for.

"They were always very nice to me too, letting me stay overnight in the ICU after visiting hours were over.

"In light of this, he will be taking a break from music and the music business altogether until further notice.

"He very much wants to write new music, finish the DVDs, and go on tour,
but for now, all those things are in the distant future and he's not
thinking about them.

"Please understand that the King Diamond band is not stopping,
disbanding or anything of the sort. King's health is first priority, and
when everything is going good with him, the music will resume. "


Leviathan777 - 13 December 2010 à 00:13:40
Shit !!!
ZazPanzer - 13 December 2010 à 19:12:08
Hope everything will go well.
I didn't imagine King was married to begin with...
MetalHeadKid - 08 May 2011 à 19:42:04
Let's hope he'll stay okay
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