Katatonia : Viva Emptiness - 10th Anniversary Edition deluxe digi-book

Sunday 29 September 2013 - 10:54:03 by Hellsheimer

Special version of the breakthrough album from the Swedish dark rock/metal
quintet, marking 10 years since release. Fully revamped, remixed &
remastered, with bonus track.
'Viva Emptiness' was Katatonia's sixth studio album and is considered among
the band's strongest works; a step up even over the seemingly insurmountable
greatness of previous release, 'Last Fair Deal Gone Down'. The album was
recorded at the famous Soundtrade Studios (part of the 301 group) in Stockholm
in October/November 2002 and released the following year; further refining
Katatonia's unique and poignant brand of Melodic Dark Rock and Metal .
This special edition of 'Viva Emptiness' contains the following additions and
extra material:
• The whole album revamped – with all keyboard sounds updated plus brand new
keyboard arrangements on many songs.
• The whole album entirely remixed.
• "Inside The City of Glass" with additional vocals (originally intended for
inclusion back in 2003).
• The b-song "Wait Outside" is now included on the album.
• New cover and back cover artwork courtesy of Travis Smith (featuring a
continuation of the original album theme – the same Girl from the original
sleeve in Fact, 10 years older)

Source : http://darkwaveart.co.uk/peaceville_SEP-KAT-MDB-2013.html


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