Infection Code : 15th Years Anniversary EP via Argonauta Records

Sunday 15 November 2015 - 08:23:24 by Hellsheimer

Recorded and mixed by Paolo Penna and Carmine Leone at Archensiel Studio and mastered by Mattia Cominotto at Greenfog Studios, this EP celebrates the 15th Anniversary of the band, a compendium of songs that are part of the band history, played, arranged and recorded with the current approach and line-up, also featuring a previously unreleased song. The physical format features a live video footage of 45 minutes filmed, created and directed by Ivan Ferrera and Emanuela Leone. Whole graphic work realized by Marco Castagnetto (, capturing with his unique talent all vibrations and Visions of the band.

1. Martire
2. Cupavanguardia
3. Origine (feat. Rennie Resmini, Starkweather singer)
4. Grigio

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