Enmity (OTH) : New band with experimented musicians

Wednesday 21 July 2021 - 18:17:01 by Enmity

Enmity is a new Thrash Death Metal band with experimented musicians.

The band is leading by Steve Petit (Zuul Fx, No Return) on vocals, David Decobert (ex Nile, Cryptopsy, Dying Fetus live sound engineer) on guitars, Mohammed Kutkut on bass and Ricky Valentino on lead guitars.

Lot of guest musicians will take part on this project for additional lead guitars and extra vocals like Karl Sanders (Nile), Mike Disalvo from (Akurion and ex-Cryptopsy), Max Otero (Mercyless) or George Kollias (Nile) who will record all the drums tracks of the album.

The band is actually into the songwriting process to record a full length record for the end of 2021.


Source : https://www.facebook.com/enmitymetalband


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