Emmure : Drummer fired due to Facebook and drug abuse

Monday 12 December 2011 - 19:16:18 by SOSGermany

Emmure drummer Mike Kaabe who joined the band in 2009 was fired by Emmure vocalist Franckie Palmieri via SMS due to Facebook misuse. Kaabe posted own produced videos and remixes on himself to the offical Emmure Facebook page.

In October 2011 Kaabe was fired by Franckie Palmieri. In an conversation with Emmure guitarist Jesse Ketive who is Kaabe´s stepbrother Kaabe founded out that he was kicked out due to the fear of the band that Kaabe could miss gigs of the band due to his own trips. Another reason is that Kaabe shall have a problem with drugs.

Kaabe stated in an other interview that he used Cocaine once a time. Later Kaabe said that the other band members tried Ecstasy and other drug pills.

"The best is they threw away their friendship with me that again has gone on with Frank and Jesse more than half our lives over this nonsense."
- Mike Kaabe on the 11th October 2011




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