Belarus declared Rammstein a public enemy

Monday 22 February 2010 - 21:45:52 by psycho_metal

The German “Brachialrock” band Rammstein would destroy “the
Belarusian state policy,” ruled the moral Guardian of the ex-Soviet
Supported by President Alexander Lukashenko, Social Council for
morality declared the band abruptly a public enemy. This is in regard
to a March 7th concert planned to take place in Minsk. The Rammstein
songs were propaganda for “violence, masochism, homosexuality and other
perverse,” directed against Belarusian values.
“A permit for a Rammstein concert is a mistake that could cost us a lot,” was said.Source:


camton - 29 December 2010 à 01:15:55
This is crazy!
InfinityZero - 05 January 2011 à 22:27:46
Rammstein deserves the recongnition.
I'm sure Till Lindemann and the rest of them SAW this and started giving each other high-fives.
I love how because they support homosexuality and Deviant sexual acts they're considered a public enemy. Obviously Mr Whats-His-Face hasn't heard any Intense Hammer Rage...
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