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Sunday 24 July 2011 - 16:37:09 by skinless

Dear Friends,
We are very proud to introduce you the lead vocalist who joined us in Asylum Pyre. Her name: Adeline aka Chaos Heidi!
Before hearing and meeting her, maybe at our next show in Fécamp on August 6th, here are a few photos from our latest shooting session.
In the meantime, we have interviewed her so as a let you know more about her.
So, what is your musical training?
I have received a musical training since my childhood, learning classical piano at the Conservatoire, where I also followed choral singing lessons.

I took lead singing lessons later, with the will to explore different vocal technics in order to get a Voice and expressions as varied as possible.

Tell us more about your musical experience:

I got my first experience with a bunch of friends now become WHISPERING TALES (Melodic Metal from Marseille), then, most recently, with DESPAIRHATE (Symphonic Metal from Nancy). At the same time, I’m involved
in another very different metal studio project, MY PRECIOUS MONSTER (Hybrid metal from Marseille).

And now I’ve joined Asylum Pyre since early June 2011!

What’s your ambition now with Asylum Pyre and why joining them?

I have always wanted to take part to some melodic or Symphonic Metal project because it’s the style I wished to express myself first, probably due to my Heavy Metal influences: some of my favorite bands are Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Within Temptation, After Forever…

Before applying to the job, I carefully listened to their music and I have found in it everything I was looking for: powerful parts, melody, original and varied compositions and vocals, lyrics and themes I recognized myself in… When I first met the band, I immediately felt close with them: same thoughts, same projects, and same will. So I really crossed my fingers while hoping they would pick me up!! :-)

Now you know the tracks of the second album, can you tell us a bit about it?

That it’s going to be huge? Haha. No, it wouldn’t say enough. It will be a varied album, with some soft and initmist parts, and sometimes really powerful ones with very different kind of emotions.

True to the spirit of Asylum Pyre, ecological themes, Earth, mankind and future will play an important part in the lyrics.

But compared with our first album, I would say that the next one will be catchier and that there will be a bit less operatic vocals as well.

What would you tell to people who are following Asylum Pyre and to those who will?

I would say that they won’t be disappointed!! I Wish I could meet every one of them on stage because this album is going to take another dimension live! I can’t wait, by the way!

The final word is for Asylum Pyre:

We are very happy to have met Adeline/Chaos Heidi, we’ve chosen her from
numerous candidates because of her talent and her way of thinking which fits perfectly with ours…  We are sure that her powerful and varied Voice is going to carry out many beautiful things.

See you all very soon, on stage and with our next album!

Asylum Pyre

Source and Interview: Asylum Pyre official Facebook


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