Angra : Edu Falaschi launches the official English website

Saturday 14 August 2010 - 18:46:54 by AlmahMedia

On the Threshold of the worldwide release of the long awaited 7th studio
album of Angra “Aqua” Edu Falaschi presents the English version of his official homepage

Check the link on the front page of  or follow directly to get to actual news, biography, interviews database, photo Stream, links, tour dates, curiosities – all the most important details of the background and the present career of Angra andAlmah singer, composer, producer and arranger Edu Falaschi in English.

You can share the news, live dates and articles from through your Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and other services.

Besides the Portuguese and English versions of the official site you can find the links to the official sources of Edu in French, Japanese and Russian on the front page of


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