Unholy Titans 2010

the Friday 18 May 2001, BlackOut Club, Rome - Italy


Hell comes to Roma and it wouldn't be possible to avoid that. The descending of the Unholy Titans 2010 tour finally blasts ltaly and it's a metal happening tha mustn't be missed at any cost also because it's not an usual thing that live caravans of this value are about to come down to the eternal city.
This blasphemous night then has an extra for the true old metalheadz that is called Decapitated.
Unfortunately- shame on me- I miss the polish combo due to an anticipated stage set (which is a very rare thing - most of them usually are always on delay) and I reach the venue just to see them climb down the stage.
The first thing that I notice is the few audience, something really unexpected to me due to the very blazoned headliners of the show and it's very easy for me to get the place in the very first line.
The introduction to the massacre is up on Vader and the well navigated boys from Poland show how they deserve to be part of the elite of death metal. Even though several line up changes, it seems that the band didn't suffer the shakes and it introduces itself in a very good killing mood . Piotr leads the way to past and present hits that have a concrete response by the audience (evidently increased for god's sake!) and when he announces the recent "at the gates of necropolis", the feedback is a wild mosh. They end a brilliant and very professional performance with "Impure" that is the perfect close up for a show like this. In the end, no fear to assume that these 10 years I've haven't been seeing them (since wacken 2000!)have just improved their skill without giving them the weight of time



A rapid stage set change and the atmosphere grows electric for the arrival of the black metal commanders MARDUK. Also for them, there is a lack of ten years since the last time I saw the swedish hell machine live (always Wacken 2000). Since then, a lot of things happened and famous band members that left a trademark for the band are now gone. In a normal band that could be mean the end or a significant loss of popularity, but MARDUK are not a normal band. They represent the meaning of black metal and fans seemed to bow to this statement. I was pretty curious about the new singer carrying the heavy heritage of Legion also because he didn't impress me much in his studio performances. Well, what a blast to blow my doubts away!Mortuus spits out all the malignance necessary to lead that role and really gave to me a great impression. The rest of the band is a well rodated panzer with Morgan at the helm spreading salt on the ruins they leave after each song. The setlist is a kinda best of with a lot of classics in which Mortuus seems to be in perfect comfort. Even the new ones are hailed with blasphemous joy by the kids. After the show, it comes clear once more why MARDUK are considered the best black metal act around, even if some lows in the recent discography are more than opinion, on stage they wipe out all critics bearing with pride the torch of the black flame.



It's difficult to think about something of more extreme after having heard Mortuus screamed straight to my face at 50 cm distance for an hour but the next gig is gonna get performed by DEICIDE (!) and what a better way to surrender our souls to the infernal gods?

There's a lot of interest about Mr. Benton & co.also because last Deicide tours always ended with various problems, shows cancelled and whatever else that gossips can spread about Glenn Benton and is a fact that seeing Deicide live was becoming more than an adventure.Tonight instead there are no surprises and the Unholy Titans surely is the best definiton for this event.Everyone's attention is caught by Glenn Benton' s famous poses like playing most of the song with his back to the audience but I'm really astounded by the maniacal precision of Jack Owen at the guitar. He plays extreme shreddings with a sick tranquillity that recalls me a serial killer and even the other guitar player did a great job despite his young age. The only former member left with Benton is drummer Steve Asheim that confirms his massive power of annihilation yet extreme precise. And then the leader of the satanic squad, Mr. Glenn Benton..apart of the character he learned to play by so far long time, I have to underline his amazing growling that really makes him a unique in this genre. As always, he is not a kind of talking frontman and he just says the title songs for immediately after going deep into them. Sometimes his evil grin is given to the crowd and a funny episode happens when a kid asks in italian language to him to say something blasphemous and Glenn answers (without knowing what the guy said) just announcing the next song: "Death To Jesus".

For the setlist, it is clearly concentrated on the two masterpieces Once Upon The Cross and Serpents of The Light and this can only be a goddamn good thing even if I'd have liked to see also something from the last productions.However a great concrete show to proclaim that gossip is just talk for kids, but this load of evil music is what they do best.


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Onni - 14 June 2010: Nice report, thanks a lot! Right about Deicide, it's really an adventure and even luck to see them live in Europe :)
mydemon - 20 December 2011: Thank you Onni, so glad you appreciated it :-)
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