Gruesome - two some tour: Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie

the Thursday 30 September 2010, Gibson amphitheater, Universal Studios, California

Rob Zombie

Halloween, in the US, starts giving its first signs by the end of September: all houses decorated, stores selling costumes, amusement parks are opened at night with special attractions... But do you know what the best part is?? There are lots of Halloween special concerts!!! And real... can you think of a better one for this occasion than Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie???
The Gruesome – Two Some Tour started on September 30th in Los Angeles at the Gibson Amphitheater located in the Universal Studios City Walk (it was really interesting to see the metal heads arriving in the middle of tourists).
The evening started with the “horror punk” Californian band “Murderdools”. The band started with a lot of energy but lost a little bit of rhythm at the end of their concert. The lead singer interacted a lot with the public (a little bit too much in my opinion) with a lot of talking, swearing and even walking around with an umbrella. Some of the highlights of their concert: “Motherfucker I Don't Care”, “She was a Teenage Zombie”, “Dead in Hollywood”.
Alice Cooper was the next one to enter the stage. And YEAH he ROCKED!!!! And YEAH he still has a LOT of energy!!! The concert had as a theme: Alice’s deaths and resurrections. He died hanged, decapitated, smashed by metal pins in a magician box...Any different costumes? Five completely different ones, at least!
But besides this “theater”, did we have the pleasure to listen to any of the big classics??? Not only some but all classics that any Alice Cooper fan would which for: “Poison”, “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, “I’m eighteen”, “Dirty Diamonds”, “Billion Dollar Babies”, “Feed my Frankenstein” and “Elected”!!!
To make it short: great musicians (the drum solo was incredible), perfect Alice Cooper presence and singing ... It was an awesome concert!
After Alice was Rob’s turn. The stage was completely modified: lots of screens everywhere showing parts of Rob’s video clips, horror films and even a little bit of Rob’s movies. There were also flames (of course) that were so strong I could even feel the heat from the mezzanine area.
I must confess: I was not expecting much of this concert. Alice set the bar so high that it was hard to believe that Rob would be able match it. You know what? His concert was F*** awesome!!! It started already with “Jesus Frankenstein” and “Superbeast”
Rob’s vocals were Perfect!!! The amphitheater was full and everybody was enjoying the concert, banging their heads, especially during songs like “Leaving Dead Girl”,Sick Bubble-Gum”, “Liquor”, Thunder (White Zombie), School's Out (Alice Cooper) and OF COURSE “Dragula”!!!
Honestly ...Alice and Rob? One of the best concerts I have ever seen!!!

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neeyick - 12 November 2010: saw this concert and it was AMAZING!
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