Death Feast Open Air 2009

the Wednesday 10 June 2009, Hünxe, Germany

Napalm Death

Death Feast Open Air, Hünxe Germany

Wednesday evening 20:00. The 3rd Death Feast Open Air in Hünxe has arrived!! As every year, the festival starts with fucking rain which is quite unfortunate!! so..the first day and the first tents damaged, but fuck!!

One of European's most brutal festival has begun!!!


Thursday 13:00 the doors opened! Due to the opening act Darkall Slaves cancelling, we had to wait another half an hour.

Good for the merchandisers.. bad for my wallet!

Then finally Unchallenged Hate from Germany opened the fest! It was a great gig as well as the following bands in order Sufferage (GER), Remnants of Flesh (GRC), Ditchcreeper (UK), Fleshgod Apocalypse (ITA), Man Must Die (UK), Katalepsy (RUS), Purgatory (GER), the one man show of Shaun LaCanne from Putrid Pile (USA) and then the biggest acts Entombed (SWE) and Macabre (USA)

Fortunately the weather became better - unfortunately I drank so much I missed Macabre... well, shit happens. As you can see, I´ve seen 10 really great bands before..

and many will follow.

God Dethroned

Friday morning 8:00 awaken in the tent = headache!

So 5 hours to get the head clear for Dismembowel (GER) at 13.00. What's the best way to survive a hangover.. right! Continue with beer.

After some beers and a barbeque session, the doors to the stage area opened. The weather this day was much better, but again problems with the first bands... Begging for Incest (GER) delayed, so the organizer decided to change the running order.

Dismembowel started half an hour later and Crepitation (UK) will play on Saturday. So again half an hour to spend money for the merchandising!! Besides the problems in the beginning, the running order stayed as it was planned. After the Poppy Seed Grinders from the Czech Republic.. going on with Nox (NL) and Hate from poland, the second one man show Insidious Decrepancy (USA) blasted the speakers. Followed by Evocation (SWE), God Dethroned (NL) and General Surgery (SWE).
Not enough yet of brutal stuff... for the end of the friday Vomitory from sweden and The Black Dahlia Murder from the United States grind the stage.

Another fuckin great day full of brutal music!!!


Saturday morning 9:00 awaken in the tent = no headache!!!

Still enough alcohol in the vains after 4 hours of "sleep". But no reason to stop drinking. After some hours of beer and barbeque again.. the 3rd and last day of the Death Feast Open Air has started.

As promised on Friday, Crepitation opened the stage. One of my personal best gigs... brutal sounds in pajamas! Followed by Choked By Own Vomits (CZE), the three german
bands Embedded, Infested and Spawn, Gadget from sweden and Lay Down Rotten
(GER). Its unbelievable but until now there was not even one band that didnt blast the stage.
Then the pornogrinders of Gut (GER) entered the stage. Although i missed Oli on the vocals it was a really great gig. Marco did a really great job with his dildohead (check the gallery).
After Gut it was time for the American brutal death combo of Devourment, the spanish grinders of Haemorrhage and the dutch death metal masters of Asphyx!

Well... its the 4th day of beer, freaky people and loud music and my back as my legs hurt as fuck we were awaiting the last two acts of this years DFOA.

First Misery Index from the USA and then... most awaited... Napalm Death!!
What a great finale to a great festival!!

So my conclusion of the Death Feast Open Air 2009:
As the 2 times before the DFOA is still on of the best brutal festivals in Europe. The sanitary installations on the campground were really good and clean. For the sanitaries in the stage area, the organizers could think about some mobile urinals as you could find them outside on the campground.
Well... the food... hmmm. Thats the only point i would say that could be better.

Thanks to the organizers for such a fantastic list of bands, also for a really great stage with perfect sound and light! And 3 days full of brutal fun!!!
See you next year in Hünxe!!!

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