Angra and Sepultura - Hollywood

the Friday 14 January 2011, House of Blues


A special night in Hollywood: a Brazilian “gathering” with Angra and Sepultura. These two bands played with no openers to a fairly crowded House of Blues in Hollywood.

The night started with Angra. The band composed by the guitar players Kiko Loureiro, and Rafael Bittencourt, the lead singer Edu Falaschi, the bass guitar player Felipe Andreoli and the drummer Ricardo Confessori did a great concert, playing most of their “classics”.

During the entire gig, the band interacted a lot with the public, specially the charismatic Edu Falaschi who even made a little joke about how Sepultura’s name was the only one written on the concerts flyers. He introduced the band in case someone didn’t know who they were. It was pretty funny.

The fans were really excited! Everybody sang along “Angels Cry”, “Nothing to Say”, “Rebirth”, “Lisbon”, “Heroes of Sand”, the mix of “Cary on” with “Nova Era”, etc.

Rafael really amazed me! He was playing a lot; banging his head, eyes closed... He was performing with a lot of passion. Another great performance was Ricardo’s: I know it has been a while that he is back in the band but really… it just felt right to see him in that spot!!

Edu was singing beautifully, Felipe is one of the best bass guitar players I have ever seen and I don’t even have to mention how good Kiko was, do I?

It was a shame that they didn’t perform a little longer…


After Angra left, the public was anxiously waiting for Sepultura, screaming the band’s name… Not only Americans but also Brazilians, Columbians, Argentineans… all proudly carrying the flags of their countries!

Derrick Green (lead singer), Jean Dolabella (drummer), Paulo Jr. (bass guitar player) and Andreas Kisser (guitar player) entered the stage to start a long set list concert (over 20 songs). The first songs were already a big treat to all the fans: “Arise” and “Refuse Resist”.

The musicians showed a lot of energy! Andreas didn’t stop banging his head for almost the entire concert. Derrick was incredible… his voice seams to never loose power. Paulo played strongly and Jean… really… what an awesome drummer (really… incredible double pedals, turns… amazing speed)!

The musicians were not the only ones with a lot of energy… a huge moshpit started from the first moments of the concert and only stopped when the band left the stage for a little pause before their “encore”. People left bruised, bleeding, without shoes, taken out by security… It was pretty brutal!
During the concert the band played songs like: “What I do”, “Choke”, “Attitude”, “Cut-Throat”, Sepulnation”, “Territory” and even a song that will be in the new album but does have a name yet. The concert finished with “Ratamahatta” and “Roots Bloody Roots”.

The musicians did a great performance. The public clearly had a great night! If you think that they are not “Sepultura” anymore (because of those major lineup changes) and not worth seeing … Think again!


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Szadek - 24 April 2011: Angra e Sepultura. Imagino a roda monstro que deve ter se formado no meio do show!! Foda!
Dmitry - 21 November 2011: ??????????
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