Zero Cipher (VO)

interview Zero CipherTo start with, could you present to us your band « Zero Cipher?
Yes, we are Duncan Williams (Guitar/Vocals), Ryan Harris (Bass) Joe Clancy (Drums) and DJ Force-X (Turntablist/Live Backing Vocals)

How did you choose this band name and what is its meaning?
We thought of a few names and put them in a hat. We were fortunate to have met Marilyn Manson at one of his early shows in the UK and asked him to pick one out of the said hat. Which he did willingly and it was ‘Zero Cipher'. As for its meaning: It means nothing literally. 00 is its numeric/binary name.

Your first album is now out, how would you present it?
This is infect our 2nd album it's called ‘Diary of a Sadist' it contains 12 tracks of awesomeness and features a guest appearance from ‘Yap' formerly of a UK Political Rap Metal band called ‘One Minute Silence' he now fronts his new band Pink Punk. (Check them out Our first album is called '45 Minutes of Fairy Tale Endings' its now available as a digital download fro
interview Zero Cipherm

And are you personally satisfied with your album?
Yes, very satisfied. A definite progression since our 1st effort.

How would you describe your music?
This is a difficult question because we all come from different musical back grounds and we inter-weave this into the music we create. If you had to pigeon hole it I think it could fall into many categories such as Hardcore, Metal, Rock, and Industrial.

I found many different styles in your music, what are your main influences?
Many different bands have influenced our sound from the likes of Carcass, early Cradle of filth & Vision of Disorder to early 80's pop from the likes of Wham and Depeche Mode via some hardcore pornography on the way.

Is a tour planned soon to promote this album?
Yes we are planning to hit Europe again around April 2006 we have a small run of UK dates in February.

What are the bands you would like to go on tour with?
Fear Factory, Slip
interview Zero Cipherknot, Bleeding Through, Bloodsimple, Will Haven,

Do you think Zero Cipher is a stage Band?
Yes, though I think we portray our selves differently live than we do on studio work. But you will have to come and see us one day to find out.

What are your projects now?
Over the Christmas holidays we are recording a single along with some special B-Sides. More on this soon…

A wish for the coming new year?
Tour with bigger band's, generally get more exposure across Europe and the rest of the world.

Our site is called « Spirit of Metal », so my last question will be, “What is the Spirit of Metal for you”?
Sticking it to the man! That's the spirit of metal! DAMN THE FUCKING MAN!

Thank you very much for answering this interview, last words are yours!
Cheers for conducting this interview, please check out our website at and

Take it easy and KEEP IT ROCK!!!

-DJ Force-X
Interview done by Kivan

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