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On June 24th 2011, SOM has met Christos Antoniou, the guitar player from Septic Flesh, to talk about the band’s latest album, their current and future tours and also their hopes for the future. Check it out!

interview SepticfleshTonight you will start the US “The Ugly World Tour”. What are your expectations?
Our expectations are high because it is the third time that we are coming to the US and it is an honor to share the same stage with such good musicians. We are looking forward and eager to perform our new album in front of our fans.

Now, the other side of the stage: what can the fans expect?
The fans should expect something unique, if the circumstances allows, because you know…we are not the headliners.

We have some scenery from the cover [album cover]. So, I think they [the fans] will be able to enter the atmosphere of the new album. And if, as I said, the circumstances allow, they [the fans] will be very pleased with the results.

You have released “The Great Mass” only a few months ago. I have seen many positive reviews of it. Some people say that it has been the best album of the year so far. Were you expecting this?
We didn’t expect to have such an excellent feedback from the press and of course from the fans. We are really happy about it.

I have to say that everything started from the “Communion” [album]. It started our “new era” and I believe that if we do some very clever moves we can break through, even in the US, which is our main task.

Can you describe the new album to our readers, in a few words?
I can say that this is the most emotional album we have ever done and the most difficult one also. I would say that we did a great work on the orchestra. For us, the orchestra is not a keyboard player or a symbolical monument, it is our fifth member. I thin
interview Septicfleshk we have given a new “breath” not only to Septic Flesh but to symphonic metal.

How was the experience to work with Peter Tagtgren for the production of this album?
I was not in Sweden [during the time the rest of the band was working with Peter Tagtgren] because I was in Prague recording the orchestra. From the things they told me [the other band members], he is very strict, he doesn’t speak a lot, he is very demanding about his work. He is a perfectionist.

He had a very difficult job because, you know, to mix orchestra and metal is not easy. I think he has done an excellent work; the “colors” of the orchestra are evident throughout the album.

So you have talked about this “new era” of the band. Did you guys have this in mind when you came back together? Did you expect to take this “new direction”?
No, we didn’t expect that. We came [back together] just for fun. We wanted to reunite and make an album. But, “Communion” was a great album, from the response of both the fans and the press and, things are getting “serious” now. We have management, an agent, and a much better label. I’m optimistic about the future of the band.

You have played in Europe and now you are starting a North American tour. How does the rest of the year look for you guys? How are you going to promote this album, tour wise?
We are going to tour in Europe with Amon Amarth and As I Lay Dying towards the end of 2011 for six weeks.

We will promote the new album everywhere we can.

Personal question now: what does your life look like when you are not with the band?
interview Septicfleshb>
I’m a composer, I study classical music.

You have a Masters degree don’t you?
Yes. I have a Bachelor and Masters degree in orchestra composing.

I don’t separate Septic Flesh from my classical studies and composition. Music is my life, it is everything for me. When I have no work with Septic Flesh, I start another one involving music.

If you could recommend a book to all your fans, which one would it be?
The Antichrist by Nietzsche.

Going back to the band now… what has been the most significant moment until now?
I would say this moment that we live now is the best moment for the band so far. We had difficulties before our split-up. We also had the difficult decision to split-up because I had to work and my brother had to work on his art and that kind of stuff.

So, I believe this is our best moment we live now, the best moments for the band and I’m sure it will become even better.

You said you guys are seeking a “break thru”. What is it that you still want to accomplish with the band?
You know, we are realistic, we don’t want to be a “Dimmu Borgir”. Our task is always to create something unique, something that has “something to say”.

For us, each of our albums has a personality. If we manage to keep doing that, I think we will have more years to tour, to create, etc.

If the time will come… we will say stop.

Anything that you would like to say to the SOM readers?
Thank you for the support and I hope you will like the new album, “The Great Mass”.
Interview done by Deesse_de_la_nuit


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Darksaucisse - 14 July 2011: Thanx for this interview !
Lovecraft - 14 July 2011: Pourquoi les interviews ne sont-elles jamais en français ?

Heureusement que je me débrouille bien en anglais. Merci pour l'interview, en tous cas, Déesse_de_la_Nuit !
Fei666 - 16 July 2011: Déesse_de_la_Nuit est californienne donc l'anglais est plus simple pour elle :)
Mais je pense que tu peux les traduire si tu es motivé (demande lui quand même son accord) ^^

En tout cas merci pour l'interview
sa6o1913 - 18 July 2011: Great interview, i just can,t wait to see SF in Bulgaria for 2nd time...
Deesse de la nuit, moi-meme, je prefere lire les interviews en bulgare mais- pas de chance. Desole pour l'absence d'accents... ???? ????!
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