Lord Belial (VO)

interview Lord BelialHello ! First of all, could you present us a little biography of the band ?
Thomas: Lord Belial was born on a winter night 1992, recorded our 2 demos in 1993 which gave us a record deal. First album was recorded in 1994 and released 3 more albums on that label. 2003 we signed a new deal with Regain Records and released The Seal Of Belial in 2004. Recorded and released another album in 2005 namely Nocturnal Beast. Here we are

The name you choose is the name of a demon, do you claim any membership to a form of Satanist worship ?
Thomas: No we don't, we are intrigued by the dark side of life and I used to be really into demonology when I grew up but none of us are active satanist or anything like that, we do not submit to any religion.

What are your influences ? (music or anything else)
Thomas: I myself am inspired by dark movies and by life itself.
Music wise I could say
interview Lord Belial I'm inspired by bands such as Bathory, Slayer and Black Sabbath, I got a varied taste of music and my favoritebands changes frequently but these are bands that always stick with me.

Could you present us “Nocturnal Beast”?
Thomas: Nocturnal Beast is a dark epic black metal album concentrated on atmosphere and the gloomy aspect of life rather on satanism and blast beats.
All lyrics and music was created during the nocturnal hours and it was crucial to get the emotional sound in the material.

Are you satisfied with Regain Records?
Thomas: Regain Records is a really great label and we've had no problem with them what so ever.
Everything is working out really smooth.

How do you process to write your songs? Is it a work in common?
Thomas: We're in progress of writing new material for next album, our creativity has no end. Formerly I've made almos
interview Lord Belialt all music myself but for now we are all involved in the writing process, the other present their ideas and together we arrange and change everything for the song to be as good as possible.

Who is the 68th Demon you invoke in the introduction of “Nocturnal Beast”?
Thomas: Belial

The cover of “Nocturnal Beast” is very impressive! What's the importance of the artwork for you when you release an album?
Thomas: For this album in particular it was very important since this is the first time presenting Belial in a visual form

This is the traditional question: the webzine I work for is called “Spirit-of-Metal”. What is this spirit for you?
Thomas: The spirit is the creativity and support from all other metal maniacs

Thank you for your time! Last words are yours!
Thomas: Thank YOU, and a big Thanx to our fans out there- without you…
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