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Hi ! It would be great to begin this interview with a history of your group ?
Khold was formed 2000. We recorded a demo that we send to 3 record companys. Moonfog was interested, so we signed a deal with them. Our first album "Masterpiss of pain" was released 2001 and our 2 album "Phantom" came in 2002. Now we are signed to Candlelight and they released our 3 and new album "Mørke Gravers Kammer" 2004.


Please tell us about your new album\'s conception.
Tell us about the new songs & its recording process. I write most of the songs alone. Much easier to be focus and get inspiration that way. I get my inspiration from paintings and Hildrs lyric. We recorded the album in Subsonic Society in Oslo. We just put the drumkit up, plug in the guitars and record it. We like to keep it simple so it will be the same live as it is on the album.


And are you personnaly satisfied with you

interview Kholdr album ?
Yes, I think it turned out great. Good clear sound at the same time its cold and heavy. Could you explain to us the concept of the album ? Its not one story, but many small. Its mostly about death in different ways.. slow, cold and painful. The only sure thing in life is death. How would you describe your music ? Dark heavy black metal..


What are the bands who give you the idea to create a band ?
I would say.. Mayhem back in 1987..and Slayer. I was also very into Darkthrone in 1988-89.. I was in at their rehearsal place in 1990-91 when they was playing the "A Blaze in the n..." album before the studio and is was fucking brutal. Also the concerts back then with Mayhem, Cadaver, Darkthrone was great.


What is the signification of the name of your band ?
Just a name I came up with..Its a mix between words..cold-kald-old and so on.


Other projects now ?

interview Khold No, just Khold.


What do you think about the black metal scene in general ?
I think its very good. I only know the Norwegian one. But a lot of great bands here. Its of course much bigger now than it use to be.


What is your point of view about the religion ? What do you think about the point of view of the bands as Mayhem and Burzum ?
Many black metal band deals with the darker sides..we also do that, but not in religion. I don`t care much about religion. Many sings about Satan, but very few are a true satanist.


And, to finish, could you explain to us, your vision about the "spirit of metal" ?
Im not sure what to say about that. My vision is to make music we want and like and not as the pop music industri, what I think will sell! Thanx for your precious time, last words are yours. We are trying to work out a European tour after the summer one time...

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