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Imperanon is a very young finish metal band. Brand new signing on Nuclear
Blast, they play a heavy mixture of death and black-metal, very similar to Children
of Bodom, I think. I also found some reminiscences of progressive metal like
maybe Evergrey at some moments. This is very melodic but powerful music with
a lot of variety and different atmospheres. Here’s a quick presentation
of these new soldiers of metal. By the way, you can visit their website to make
you an idea. Bassist Eki answered my questions in april 2004.


1. Well, to begin this interview, it would be usefull to introduce
Imperanon with a history of the band.

Sure, so Imperanon was formed back in 1999 by Jaakko and Aleksi Sihvonen and
our former guitarist, who was replaced by Lauri during fall 2002. At the same
time Aleksi Virta was found to play keyboards. I joined the band in fall of
2001. In May 2003 we recorded our second demo and sent it to the media and record
labels and here we are !


2. What did give you the envy to play music ? What are your goals with
Imperanon ?

The passion to play music is written in us. Many of our relatives play some
sort of music also. It´s something that cant be explained, but this is
the thing that we want to do ! Our goals are pretty down-to-earth. We´re

interview Imperanon not expecting to be the next Iron Maiden, but we do look forward to play live
at every possible location. Of course we don’t mind if we sell a couple
of records doing this.

3. Can you tell us about the composition process of the songs included
on your first album which will be released in may ?

The songs are mainly composed by Aleksi Sihvonen. At times he comes to band
practice with a song and we listen to it. Then we comment on the parts which
we don’t like and get our say. Also Lauri and Aleksi Virta. come up with
songs and riffs which get used.


4. Where / when did you record it ?

We recorded the album in Sonic Pump studios in Helsinki during december 2003.


5. Being a very young band, your metal sounds amazingly professional
? Did you learn music with some teachers or are you self-made musicians ?

Thanks for that compliment ! Everyone has been playing from an early age. I
think that Aleksi Virta learned to play keyboards before he could even talk.
Everyone has had some kind of musical education, some for years, others like
me, less.


6. Let’s go to the bad point now. I can note a very big Children
of Bodom influence on your style. Is it something you’re conscious about

I d

interview Imperanonont think it´s not a disaster if you feel that we sound like such a
great band ! However, the idea of Imperanon IS NOT to replicate the music of
any band. In the beginning Children of Bodom was a big influence, but nowadays
it´s less and less everyday. It´s more the public that do this comparison,
not us.


7. How did you sign with Nuclear Blast ? It’ s a really big chance
to be signed by a such great company.

We are greatful to Nuclear Blast for singing us, we know that they´re
the best possible label for us. The signing happened by sending our second demo
to them and they were interested. At that time we were negotiation with other
labels as well, but ended up with Nuclear Blast.


8. Are you live experienced ? Do you have some plans for a eurotour

We´ve played at various local shows. Live playing is the main reason why
we drag ourselves into band practice over and over again. What comes to an eurotour,
sure we´ll do it when the time is right !


9. Last words are yours, thanx for your time.

Hmm... Grow your hair, don’t be a dickhead, start playing, stay in school,
listen to metal, practice safe sex and come see us play live ! Thank you !

DJ In Extremis

Interview done by DJ In Extremis

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