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interview BarathrumIt's been already 15 years that Demonos defecates without mercy on millions of orthodoxes sheep by means of a bestial and raw black metal. Barathrum has really acquired a cult status during these 15 years spent in the devil's service… In those times of propaganda which re linked to the death of the poe, it was obvious to have a talk with the guy in order to preserve the spiritual equity. A very brief interview realized in April 2005 which doesn't exempt you from listening the sulfurous new album ‘Anno Aspera”, out on Spinefarm.

It seems that Barathrum just released its last album ever. Why did you decide to put an end to this adventure ?
If you put our albums in releasing order \"Hailstorm\", \"Eerie\", \"Infernal\", \"Legions Of Perkele\", \"Saatana\", \"Okkult\", \"Venomous\" and \"Anno Aspera 2003 Years After Bastard\'s Birth\", and then pick up 1st letter of every title, then you\'ll get the answer. And by the way, who said this is our last album ever. None knows what future will bring with it.

This 8th & brand new album \"Anno Aspera\" is definitely the more varied & probably the best one of your whole carrier. Did you consciously try to summary your discography with this final act ?
Personally I like all of my albums. Ok, I have to admit that I have progressed with working in the studio, obviously, since I\'ve been working 15 years in the studio with Barathrum.

How would you describe \"Anno Aspera\" in terms of evolution, even if this word's not adapted to black-metal music ?
To be honest, I would like to advice people not to be too deeply into analyzing my m
interview Barathrumusic. I let people to get their own answers from their own heads - I\'m not a teacher.

Where did you record it ? Were you satisfied with these studio sessions ?
We recorded our last album in the Tico Tico-studio in Kemi. There is great to work in, because Ahti Kortelainen somehow knows it best, how we would like our music to sound like. I think e.g. Thyrane, Sentenced, Impaled Nazarene etc were working previously in that same studio for the same reason.

Do you understand those bands who prefer to get a raw & pure underground production instead of a cleaner sound ?
Yes, I do. But I also understand the fact that bands want to progress with their style and sound too. At least I don\'t want to sound the same on all the albums / bands that I work with.

A song like \"Anno Aspera\" almost sounds like doom-metal. & there are a lot of thrash elements in your music. At home, in your car, what kinds of metal do you listen to ? Can you tell me what a good metal band absolutely needs, in your opinion ?
Barathrum\'s music has always been involved with doom, thrash, black, heavy, etc styles of metal. After all I want Barathrum to sound unique and I think I succeed pretty well with that. Best bands are always unique & I personally listen only unique bands.

Since Barathrum's beginning, you always tried to cultivate your own personality like all those black-metal gods Venom, Bathory, Mercyful Fate, Mayhem, Beherit… What do you think about nowadays black-metal, with all these bands copying each others ?
Like I said before I\'m more into personal & unique bands. Copying
interview Barathrumisn\'t kind of my cup of tea.

What do you think about bands like Watain, Antaeus, Funeral Mist, Deathspell Omega or Craft who still carry on the black-metal flame ?
You mentioned bands that I personally don\'t really know too well. I have always been more into older bands, such as Venom, Bathory, Hellhammer/ Celtic Frost, Samael, Necromantia, etc when we are speaking of black-metal.

Are you a real satanist in your everyday life ? Or is it for you just a way to fight against all kind of religions ? What is your definition of satanism ?
Yes, I am a satanist, but I\'m not into discussing about it in public too much, because it\'s too a personal thing. And remember not to mix devil worship with satanism.

When being on stage & playing with Barathrum, how is your state of mind ? Do you understand those bands who prefer not to play live, not to denature their music ?
Barathrum is more a live band than a studio band, but yes, I understand also those who are not too much into playing live. Playing live needs a certain discipline. And not all the bands have that.

Can you tell us briefly what will be your musical projects after Barathrum ?
Now I\'m playing in couple of projects, but I don\'t want to tell a thing before anything tangible is done. One thing is sure ; I still have lots of ideas.

How do you see humanity in 50 years ? Between terrorism, wars, pandemics & ecological problems, what's your prevision ?
I\'m not living in the future, neither in the past. I live my life now and I don\'t give a shit for the mankind\'s future

Interview done by DJ In Extremis

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