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Broken Hearts Are Better Than Nothing Left

Album, 2005Unknown label

Trueside : Broken Hearts Are Better Than Nothing Left


1. Better Than This
2. Disillusion
3. Fading
4. Come Closer
5. Positive Means (Heavy)
6. I Become
7. Let Me Down
8. Broken Hearts
9. Nothing Left

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Long Nights End in Goodbyes

Album, February 2006, Self-Released

Trueside : Long Nights End in Goodbyes


1. There’s Violence in Our Pretty Homes
2. Enjoy
3. Better Than This
4. Nothing Left
5. Sick of Danny
6. Exit Fails
7. 1:20
8. Faked Tears
9. Broken Hearts
10. Smile for a Camera
11. All Good Things Come to an End

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Where Our Secrets Sleep

Album, May 2011, Self-Released

Trueside : Where Our Secrets Sleep


1. Burning Old Memories With a Brand New Flame
2. Don't Spend Your Time With Guys Like Me
3. Smells Like Victory
4. You're Fire, I'm Gasoline
5. Why Are You Trying So Hard to Fit in When You Where Born to Stand Out ?
6. When Panic Turns to Pleasure
7. Cut Your Fingers Off & Suck'em
8. If They Move, Kill'em!
9. Hearts & Other Things That Break
10. A Shotgun Would Be Great

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