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Promo Tape

Demo, February 1995, Self-Produced

The Elysian Fields : Promo Tape


1. Elisian Fields 05:41
2. Father Forgive Them (for They Do Not Know) 05:50
Total playing time 11:31

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Album, June 1995, Unisound Records

The Elysian Fields : Adelain


1. I of Forever
2. As One
3. Un Sentiment : I Was Dying Once Again
4. Of Purity and Black
5. Foredoomed Elegy
6. Father Forgive Them (for They Do Not Know)
7. Elysian Fields
8. Deicide / the Auspice

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We... the Enlightened

Album, 1998, Wicked World Records

The Elysian Fields : We... the Enlightened


1. Their Blood Be on Us
2. I Am the Unknown Sky
3. Until the Night Cries Rise in Your Heart
4. ...And the Everdawn Faded Away
5. Shall They Come Forth unto Us
6. Arcana Caelestia
7. The End Shall Be Tragically Fulfilled
8. The Last Star of Heaven Falls
9. Wither, Oh Divine, Wither

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Album, 2001, Black Lotus Records

The Elysian Fields : 12ablAZe


1. Enshield My Hate Eternal
2. Of Dawns, Perished Tranquility
3. Rapture and the Mourning Virtue
4. Weak We Stand Before Them
5. Ablazing 12
6. A Serenade Like Blood Caress
7. Even If I Could Forgive
8. The Entreaty Unsung
9. As the Light Dissapears

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Suffering God Almighty

Album, 2005, Black Lotus Records

The Elysian Fields : Suffering God Almighty


1. Aeon's Unlight
2. I Am Your Willing Darkness
3. Suffering God Almighty
4. Ravished with Thee Light
5. Unleashing the Propaganda
6. I See the Lie Behind All the Truths
7. An Overture of Sorrows Unfolding
8. All Those Tristful Winters
9. Anathema Unveiled

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