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Zwawech Metal

Demo, 05 February 2001, Self-Released

Tactica Of Galactica : Zwawech Metal


1. Zero As One
2. Let Us Hate!
3. Tool Of Butchery

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Fish In The Sky

Album, 02 May 2007, Lebbane Records

Tactica Of Galactica : Fish In The Sky


1. Flexili Defra
2. Fish in the Sky
3. Deggou Bel K-nife
4. Fuck the Black Cows
5. Cataclysm Under Bed
6. Anti-Satanic War
7. God Love Us
8. Drum Solo Between Cat And Dog
9. Arachnoid Tomb
10. If You Want Peace...Prepare To Sleep

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Potato Power

Album, 05 June 2008, Lebbane Records

Tactica Of Galactica : Potato Power


1. We Are Your Fear
2 For Our Sorrow
3. Biophagia Of The Last Humanoid
4. Potato Cannibalism (Frites With Harissa Without Mayonnaise)
5. If You Want Peace...Just Make A Kiss
6. Allah Belief
7. Communication Beyond Your Grave
8. Potato Sells,But Who's Buying?
9. Chtitha Batata (Drum Solo)
10. Forever With Your Friend
11. Black Lie

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