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Demo 2000

Demo, 2000, Self-Released

Ogre (USA) : Demo 2000


1. Age of Ice
2. The River
3. Digital Graffiti
4. The Gas
5. Colonizer (Plague of the Planets)
6. The Jaded Beast (Pts. I and II)

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Dawn of the Proto-Man

Album, 2003, Würmhole Records

Ogre (USA) : Dawn of the Proto-Man


1. Ogre
2. Colossus
3. 78
4. The Jaded Beast
a/ Out of the East
b/ Invasion
5. Skeletonized
6. Suicide Ride
7. Black Death
a/ De Vermis Mysteriis
b/ Rats, Life and History

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Seven Hells

Ogre (USA) : Seven Hells


1. Dogmen (Of Planet Earth)
2. Soldier of Misfortune
3. The Gas
4. Woman on Fire
5. Review Your Choices
6. Sperm
7. Whale Flesh Feast

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Plague of the Planet

Album, 2008Unknown label

Ogre (USA) : Plague of the Planet


1. Plague Of The Planet 37:16
i. Requiem
ii. End-Days
iii. Drive
iv. Queen of Gasoline
v. A Call to Colossus
vi. Deus ex Machina
vii. Colonizer Rex
viii. Battle at Doom Capital
ix. Homo Sapiens Ferreus
x. G.F.R.
xi. Dawn Of The Proto-Man

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The Last Neanderthal

Album, 08 March 2014, Minotauro

Ogre (USA) : The Last Neanderthal


1. Shadow Earth
2. Nine Princes in Amber
3. Bad Trip
4. Son of Sisyphus
5. Soulless Woman
6. Warpath
7. White Plume Mountain
8. The Hermit

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