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Way Past Go - Driving Force

Lixx Array : Way Past Go - Driving Force


Recorded when the band's name was VENGEANCE.
1. Way Past Go
2. Driving Force

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Lixx Array

EP, 1987, Azra Records

Lixx Array : Lixx Array


1. Four Seasons
2. I'm the One
3. No Way Out
4. Take Black the Night
5. Turn My Lights Out

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Mud in Your Eye

Album, 1992, Mind Blown Records

Lixx Array : Mud in Your Eye


1. Mud in Your Eye
2. Addiction to Pain
3. Lost Along the Way
4. Mr. Angry
5. For the World to See
6. Young Rose
7. Joining of Hands

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Reality Playground

Album, 1992, Self-Released

Lixx Array : Reality Playground


1. Bad Man
2. Inside of Me
3. Table for Two
4. Really Hits Home
5. Rught from the Start
6. Ready or Not
7. Thrills Behind the Wheel
8. Once in a Lifetime
9. Good Life Groove
10. Hearts on the Line

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