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Resistance Hardcore

EP, 2007, Self-Released

Inside Project : Resistance Hardcore


1. Free or Dead
2. Black Rain
3. Scream Your Pain
4. Resistance Hardcore

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Alone Facing Death

EP, 2009, Self-Released

Inside Project : Alone Facing Death


1. Intro
2. Kingdom of Desert Eagle
3. Show Me the Void
4. I Have a Dream
5. Song for a Bastard
6. Cannibal Tendency

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A History of Violence

Album, 23 March 2012, Ultimhate Records

Inside Project : A History of Violence


1. A History of Violence
2. Hools No Rules
3. White Trash Whore
4. Drop Dead (ft. Elie from Hellbats)
5. We All Die Alone
6. The Lovely Bones
7. Black Sunday Bitch
8. Te Gravedigger
9. My Fists Hate Your Pride (ft. Arsene from L'Esprit Du Clan)
10. Ruining Me
11. The Firmament

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