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Die a Glorious Death

Demo, 2004, Self-Released

Glorious Death : Die a Glorious Death


1. Heroes of a Lost World
2. Sweet Serenity

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The Principles of Evil

Demo, 2005, Self-Released

Glorious Death : The Principles of Evil


1. The Principles of Evil
2. The Battles Never Won
3. Blessings on the Throne of Tyranny
4. The Principles of Evil Part II

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The Curse of Evolution

EP, July 2006, Self-Released

Glorious Death : The Curse of Evolution


1. Blessed Atrocities
2. Heathen
3. Sweet Serenity
4. The Curse of Evolution

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The Dawn of Darkness

Album, 2007Unknown label

Glorious Death : The Dawn of Darkness


1. The Night of Broken Dreams
2. Pagan Eternal
3. Heathen
4. The Tempest Leads My Enemy's Scorn
5. Ode to a Goddess (Devil's Whore)
6. Till Death Do Us Part
7. For England
8. Total Fucking Darkness
9. Save Me
10. Come into the Night
11. ????? ????? ?????????

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The Day the Sun Turned Black

EP, 08 March 2011, Self-Released

Glorious Death : The Day the Sun Turned Black


1. The Day the Sun Turned Black
2. Zombie Warfare
3. End of Suffering
4. Gladiator

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Album, 26 August 2014, Chaos Reigns Productions

Glorious Death : Resurrection


1. The Awakening
2. Dead Rising
3. The Infected
4. The Silence of Shadows
5. Righteous
6. Power Hungry
7. The End Is Near
8. The Calm Before the Feast
9. Victory

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