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Eternal Winds

Album, 2000, Megahard Records

Endless (BRA) : Eternal Winds


1. Visions of Tomorrow
2. Wasting My Time
3. Holy Ground
4. Guiding Light
5. Eagle's Top
6. Mind of Indecision
7. Intro
8. Ministrels of Dawn
9. Eternal Winds
10. I'm Alone
11. Good Bye

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A Dream at the Sun

Album, June 2006, Marquee, Avalon

Endless (BRA) : A Dream at the Sun


1. Silence to the Lord
2. Running to Be Free
3. Laments at the Sky of Winds
4. Mystic Feelings
5. The Playwright
6. Shades of Night
7. Shining on the Sky
8. I Don't Want to Surrender
9. The King of Lies
10. Memories I've Saved
11. A Dream at the Sun
12. Eternal Winds (2006 Version)

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The Truth, the Chaos, the Insanity

Album, 25 March 2016, Power Prog

Endless (BRA) : The Truth, the Chaos, the Insanity


1. A New Sunrise
2. The Code of Light
3. Will of Destiny
4. The Truth, the Chaos, the Insanity
5. Black Veil of Madness
6. Veins of Blood
7. Save Me from Myself
8. Lady of the Lake
9. Under the Sun
10. Puppets on a Stage
11. A World without Fantasy
12. Celestial Dreams

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