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Tony Portaro, guitarist, vocalist and founding member of the 1984 East Coast thrash trio WHIPLASH, heads the line-up of UK drummer Dan Foord and NY bassist Dank DeLong.

WHIPLASH released their debut album "POWER AND PAIN" (1985, Roadrunner Records) with Portaro, Tony Bono (RIP 2002) on bass, and Tony Scaglione on drums. They toured Europe with Sodom before the second Whiplash release "TICKET TO MAYHEM" (1987). Led by Portaro, Whiplash continued to tour and record, releasing five additional albums: "Insult to Injury (1990), "Cult of One" (1996), "Sit, Stand, Kneel, Prey" (1997), "Thrashback" (1998) and "Unborn Again" (2009).

In 2011, Whiplash began touring with the lineup of Portaro, Foord and DeLong, and recording material for the 2012 release "Sonic Asylum."
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