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Biography : Voie De Fait

The adventure begins in the late 1970s.
Miette Phil (guitar), Didier Mauduit (guitar) and Jean-Michel Miette (Bass) are part of a group called KASS.
In 1979 he decided to change the name of KASS and call the group assault.
Finally, in 1980, Michel Theodule (Drums) and Lounas Ourrad (Singing) complete the group. Serious things begin!
Members of VOIE DE FAIT are surprisingly young, as their average age is 25 years ... what did not stop them from controlling their business!
The band performed concerts, including the famous Golf Drouot.
In 1982 the band recorded its first studio album in MARCADET Paris. The LP "Angel or Demon" Arabella released on the label. It will be reissued later in 1985 by Devil's Records.
Therefore, things accelerated. The group performed notably in the first part of PAT BENATAR at the Pavillon de Paris.
The group will also noticed a shift in Televisión, the program "Children of AC / DC" on Antenne 2.
Assault invades "The Palace" (May 24) and "Olympia" (July 2) as well as other dates in France.
Unfortunately, the group will eventually dissolve ...
Source: http://france.metal.museum.free.fr/groupes/v/voie_de_fait.htm