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Biography : Visions Of Atlantis

Myths, tales and love stories are the passion of Visions of Atlantis. The veil of the mysterious fires our fantasy, is the source of our inspiration.

Fascinated by the myth Atlantis, Werner Fiedler, Thomas Caser, Christian Stani and Chris Kamper decided in august 2000 to work out a concept inspired by the secret of Atlantis. Later this summer Nicole Bogner joined the project, this was the birth of Visions of Atlantis.

With the recording of the first three-song demo CD in December 2000 and the first concert in the band history with Edenbridge, the young Austrians started to work professionally

The positive reactions to their first three tracker were tremendous and not much time went by Visions of Atlantis had offers for record deals. In the middle of August 2001, just one year after formation, an international contract was signed with the German label “TTS Media Music/ Black Arrow Productions”, granting the release of the debut album in summer 2002. The recording sessions for the “Eternal Endless Infinity” album took place in Bremen/ Germany, in February 2002.