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Biography : Velvet Cacoon

If you were expecting a little dinner music, perhaps you"ve come to the wrong place. Formed in autumn of 1996, Velvet Cacoon have many recordings to their name but their desire to remain a mystery has kept many a stranger to the band. Over the course of nearly eight years, Velvet cacoon have unveiled a flurry of spells and stars, dreams and depression, midnight and misanthropy. This is the world of Velvet Cacoon - extremely surreal and celestial nightscapes. Velvet Cacoon have broken virtually every rule which silently defines black metal by embracing such ideologies as ecoterrorism and asexuality, but despite always being surrounded in controversy, they choose to ignore the rumors and live in their own world, 2 stories up in a rotting building where the windows are painted over and the insides have been gutted and restocked with music instruments and recording equipment dating back to the 1950"s. It is here in the bands private studio in Nob Hill where clandestine recording methods allow Velvet Cacoon to experiment with an array of unconventional techniques, most significantly in 2000, when the band developed a guitar which functions off of the collected pressure of gasses from the flames of diesel gasoline instead of traditional electric pickups. The sounds are then channeled through a fiber optic cord into a 40 gallon aquarium where vibrato sensors record the final outcome. It has become Velvet Cacoons trademark sound, and in it you can hear everything from swirling voices to fireworks to harps, violas, and a myriad of netherworldy sounds which have no default definition. Velvet Cacoon make it no secret that they are addicted to only the strangest methods of musical creation and ambience. There is a depth and hypnotic quality here, and that was the design from day one - to create black metal which mesmerizes, hypnotizes, then paralyzes - to lull the listener into a world where nothing seems quite right but you"d rather be nowhere else.