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Biography : The Art Of Blasphemy

The Art of Blasphemy is a black metal band, formed in february in 2004. Our music try to mix several influences from bands as Celtic Frost, Darkthrone, Gorgoroth, Dark Funeral, Venon...... always looking for this black metal old essence,without forgetting death metal.... All members in the band come from others bands, for this reason it was not difficult to begin rehearsing and in only a few moths we were able to give some gigs and copy some demos. We would like to give hot and powerfull gigs, trying to involve the audience like in the old 80`s concerts. Later, we participated in several gigs. The first one was in Madrid (Antichristmas Fest). The following gigs were in the cities of Guadalajara, Alcalá de Henares y Castello Branco (Portugal).Meanwhile we finished our firts album "Use your Idols" When we came back from Portugal, Raiblood, leaves the other band, Cryfemal, where he played as well. Necroseheiim asked to join to T.A.O.B., that were looking for a singer at that moment. Nowadays, the band is working in their second job "Penitence (Seven Deadly Sins)".

Source : http://www.myspace.com/theartofblasphemy