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Biography : Severed Savior

In early 1997 Murray Fitzpatrick and Tom Stoltz started a death metal band called "Christ Denied" (No not the one from Europe.). After writing two songs Murray on guitar and Tom on guitar invited Greg White to drum for the band.
The 3 piece continued to write music for a few months. Greg brought Armondo Avalos into the band as the bassist.

In late 1998 Tom moved to Hawaii and Christ Denied asked Mike Gilbert from the band WHERE ? to join. Mike brought the band to a new level with his musical ability. The motherfucker could shred. At this point Christ Denied was kicking ass and taking names.

The next name they took was Troy Fullerton. Troy was also in the band WHERE ? with Mike. 1999 Mike gave Greg the bad news and Troy was now the full time drummer. Troy also brought the band to a new level with fast brutal drumming.

About a month after Troy joined the band, long time friend Dusty Boisjolie was brought in as the vocalist. Christ Denied was now a solid five piece with a professional sound and five songs.

In March 2000 Christ Denied Recorded the five song demo "Puddle of gore" at House of Faith Studios in Oakland California. After destroying a few places Christ Denied opened up for Incantation and crushed the place.

Jared Deaver who was in the band Deeds Of Flesh and was at the show asked Troy for a demo. Troy sent the demo to Unique Leader Records. The band was getting bigger and needed a name change because of the other "Christ Denied" in Europe.

After months of searching for a new name the name "Severed Savior" was chosen. The band made the official announcement of the name change to Severed Savior on August 6th 2000 in San Francisco when the band opened up for Deeds Of Flesh and Disgorge. Oh yeah, they crushed the place. Severed Savior played all over the Bay Area promoting the demo under the new name. The demo CD was released in early 2000.

The year 2001 also brought another line up change when bassist Armondo was released of his duties on bass. The band didn't have a bassist and had some big shows coming up so Murray switched to bass. With Murray's grinding in place on bass, Severed Savior continued to play shows as a four piece while looking for a second guitarist.

During this time Jared Deaver was not playing for Deeds Of Flesh anymore so Severed Savior asked him to join. Jared quickly learned all the songs and played his first show as a member of Severed in San Francisco a month after he joined. Jared added the extra brutality the band needed to get ahead. The fucker also shreds.

Jared and Severed Savior wrote new material for an upcoming EP for Skeptic Productions. In August Severed Savior recorded 3 new songs at J-Lab studios with Larry in Daily City. Unique Leader Records received a copy of the EP and now the band is in negotiations with the label for a full-length album. After the EP was finished Mike Gilbert decided to leave the band. Jared knew of a sick guitar player “Rob Lumbre” who was in the bands Psypheria, Mucus Membrane, Osmium and recorded drums for Punisher. Rob tried out for Severed Savior and got the job. Rob has been in the scene for a long time and Severed Savior was glad he is a part of the brutality.

Things fell through with Skeptic Productions so the EP “Forced to Bleed” was released on Disfigured Records November 24, 2001. Rob played his first show with Severed Savior on November 24, 2001 in San Jose. And they fucking crushed the place ! Severed Savior is in the middle of writing a full-length album for Unique Leader Records tentatively titled “Brutality is Law”

Prepare to be destroyed !