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Biography : Running Wild

Running Wild was originally formed as a school band under the name Granite Heart in 1976 in Hamburgh Germany. Around 1979 the band changed its name to Running Wild and in 1981 they recorded their first demo tape. After having contributed with two tracks ("Iron Heads" and "Bones To Ashes") to the death metal compilation by Noise Records in 1984 they were signed by that very label who released their debut album "Gates To Purgatory", resulting in more than 20 000 albums sold within three months.
Since their second album "Branded and Exiled" in 1985 Running Wild has been one of the most popular metal bands in Germany. In 1986 they were given the chance to tour with the American band Mötley Crue on their Theatre Of Pain tour. In 1987 "Under Jolly Roger" is released and Running Wild introduce their pirate image to the world. Their fourth studio album "Port Royal" in 1988 sold more than 50 000 copies. Their "Death or glory" tour in 1990 was a huge success with sold out shows almost everywhere.

After the tour in 1996 the band celebrated their 20th anniversary with a temporary break. After their first album on GUN Records in 1998 Jörg Michael decided to leave the band to concentrate on Stratovarius instead. On the following tour their friend Chris Efthimiadis of Rage handled the drumkit. At the beginning of 2000 the band unleashes their eleventh studio album "Victory".

Taken from www.tartareandesire.com