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1998: The band was born in 1980 and finds his definitive line up with Alessandro Tronconi (vocals), Luciano Tattini (rhythm guitar), Alessio AMOS Amorati (lead guitar), Gianni GINO Zenari (bass), Andrea MARIO Baldi (drums). Here starts a new age of the band with a great and continuous live activity, lots of radio shows, compilations and two full length in 7 years. From a band just known in Bologna they turned into a band known all over Italy. NOTE: After getting rid of some homonym bands, the RAIN registered the web domain www.raincrew.com as well as the logo and moniker: RAIN e RAINCREW are registered trade marks®.

1999-2000: The band produces the album Bigditch 4707. This album, that contains material from 95 to 98, was written without Alessio Amorati's help who joins the band in 1998 when almost all songs was recorded. The new guitar player will record some solos only. This album of 10 tracks is pure heavy metal from the eighties, it contains also a multimedia track with the bands biography and picks. They first print 200 copies for the closest fans, afterward they printed other 1000 copies with a funding from Greek label ETERNAL SHADOWS. Today all copies are sold out!

2001-2003: Thanks to the great feedback received by the promotion of Bigditch 4707, the band can now play everywhere, from Brindisi (2° I.M.A. METAL FEST) to Milano and Torino, also supporting great bands like PAUL DI ANNO - the first IRON MAIDENs singer back in Italy after a lot of years. He personally chooses the band RAIN as official supporter for 4 gigs around Italy. The shows from this tour were really great, and all press wrote a lot of good things about the band. PAUL DI ANNO was happy too, and he called back RAIN for other more gigs.

In 2002 the band finds its first deal for two albums with the French label DEADSUN RECORDS, and in May 2003 a multimedia EP with two songs was released: Headshaker and ONLY FOR THE RAIN CREW, title track and leading track of the full length released in September 2003. Headshaker contains 11 tracks and a brand new multimedia part (with MP3s from PAUL DI ANNO's tour). The album is handed out all over the world, getting fabulous reviews, particularly in Italy were it is spread out by SELF distribution licensed by RISING WORKS records. This is for sure the album that leads RAIN to a national success. The band actually created a strong heavy metal from the eighties, thanks to five years of hard work in its rehearsal room, the FOSSA, and all over the Italian stages...and you can hear the outcome thanks to the excellent production of FEAR STUDIO from Gabriele Ravaglia, close friend of the band. The reviews are the best ever read. In the meantime the band starts to play again, getting better and better one concert after another. Their live performances are always brilliant, the stage is their natural dimension, and their feeling is unquestionable. They take part of various festival, like the first BOLOGNA METAL FEST with CRYING STEEL reunion, and than they invades the whole peninsula, from Trento to Padova, from Prato to Belluno, from Ancona to Modena.

The Headshaker TOUR 2003/2004 keeps the band busy the whole year long, like never before, more than 50 gigs everywhere, on their own or supporting big names like MICHAEL SCHENKER, UDO (Valpolicella Metal Fest), IRON SAVIOR (Agglutination Metal Fest), RAGE (official supporter for the Italian tour); HELSTAR; etc... During the tour (that ends in November 2004 taking the band to Germany for the first time at the Warm Up of the KEEP IT TRUE festival), the band produces the video of ONLY FOR THE RAIN CREW, dedicated to all the fans who follow the band from the very beginning. The video is immediately available in many web sites, like EUTK, and on various TVs like MATCHMUSIC and ROCK TV, for the TV show Database, dedicated to their friends Wonderland.

In 2003, during the tour, they set up the first RAIN Fans Club. Today there are more than 300 members. Now the staff is complete; here it is, the magic RAINcrew (each member ENPALS enrolled): Eduardo di Palma sound engineering; Simone Cevenini light technician; Christian Iseppato - merchandise/ fans club coordinator; Simone Gotti picks and video; Roberto Giordani driver and security; Riccardo Maffiodo webmaster.

2004-2005: the tour, instead of finishing in November 2004, goes on due to the many requests from clubs and festivals. This happens thanks to EAGLE BOOKING, even for 2005. Unfortunately, between March and April 2005, Luciano Tattini leaves the band, but the tour goes on with various session men. In the meantime, the song writing keeps going, the studios are refurbished; a new DVD about the tour from 2003 to 2005 is under construction. Among the various gigs in the last year, we quote AREZZO WAVE LOVE Festival 2005 (thanks to METAL HAMMER), METAL CAMP 2005 Slovenia with EXCITER; ANTHRAX; MALMSTEEN; CHILDREN OF BODOM, SLAYER, etc...

2006: today RAIN would like to thank all the friends all over Italy, all the bands with whom they shared the stage, every one who spoke about them on mags, web sites, radios, TVs, etc... Thanks all of you, we go on and on thanks to your support and to the great fun we always have. ONLY FOR THE RAIN CREW, NOW AND 4 EVER!!! A new full length album is coming out : Dad is Dead.

Source : http://www.myspace.com/raincrew1980