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Biography : Northern Lights (TUR)

The band formed in 1997 by guitarist Serhat. After their first line-up gets a shape, the band had its first live performance in Feb. 24 2001 at Kemanci Rock Bar.

In January 2002 Northen Lights released self titled debut demo CD and later that the band performed in VI. Rock Station International Rock Festival.

In April 2003, Baris as vocalist and Onur as bass guitarist joined to band and at the end of December 2003 the band released Fire Of Hate demo EP as first part of their concept story.

After many club and university festivals, in year 2004 Northern Lights performed in Rock The Nations II Festivals with names like Circle II Circle, UDO, Destruction, Amon Amarth, Epica, Pain of Salvation, Katatonia, Blaze Bayley, Paul Di’anno, Van Den Plas.

In year 2005, band performed in Rock İstanbul festival with Megadeth headlining and Progİstanbul festival with Evergrey. After Progİstanbul festival, Koray Alarslan(Battlorn, Cem Köksal&Joe Lynn Turner) joined band as keyboardist and Northern Lights made their first appereance outside Turkey. Band performed in Romania-"Monster Of Transylvania RockFestival” with Anvil, Phantom-X and local bands.

As year 2005 passed with festivals and concerts, in year 2006 Northern Lights started to write their debut album for finalizing their concept story which was introduced in year 2003, Fire of Hate E.P.

Besides local concerts and university festivals the band focused much more on finishing tracks and recording demos for debut album. Also in year 2006, long time member of the band, drummer Tancan Acar is replaced with Emre Kırıkyapan (Tornado, Fallen).

Northern Lights finished recording demo tracks for their debut album and in year 2007 band signed contract with SAF Productions-Yuri Ryadchenko to release their album named “Return To Logan’s End”

The band spend year 2007&2008 with recording and mixing their album and waiting for vocalist Barış Bal and bassist Onur Çakır to finish their army services. As band members finished their army services, the band turned into normal work conditions.

In year 2008, Northen Lights received an invitation from Armenia-Rock The Borders Festival sponsored by Open Society Institute. With bands from Armenia, Georgia and Russia with a rocky political period in that area, Northern Lights has become the first ever Turkish band that performed in Armenia.

Finally on May 2009, Northern Lights released their debut album “Return To Logan’s End” with SAF Productions&EMI Turkey. With this debut album, the band finalized their concept story which they inroduced in year 2003-Fire of Hate E.P.

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