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Biography : Nohesth De Groth

The project was founded in September 2011, when two demons, Argothonis Vezarium and Beheroght Grottheims, decided to create project entitled "Nohesth De Groth". It is based on the World-of-Toggrits (Groskherd) conception, an idea that has been nurtured by Beheroght Grottheims for a long time...

Toggritics is the dark ideology. It doesn’t embrace one side of being nor denies anything, but combines something from each edge of the world with purpose to build it’s own, dark philosophical point of view.

"The world is like a face where ideas are born and become the material process. Only the spiritual evolution develops the essence of concepts and creates this world ... "

Toggrits are demons of a new era that retreat from demonic canons, do not follow and serve lords of demonic pantheons.
They do not accept the physical and psychological violence, pain (only in the form of creativity: literature, theater, music, etc.). But for the sake of justice they sometimes cross the moral barriers.
They have a semiconscious negative that can sometimes afflict and inadvertently offend others. Their special features are dark look at the world (sometimes with negative perceptions), the desire to bring something new to life and aspiration to create a dark art, art in all its forms.

Source : http://www.facebook.com/NohesthDeGroth