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Early days In 1996 Mester Robert (drum) and Rob Belphegor (guitar) started a brand new band from the ruins of Infected, being joined by Judit Visi (guitar), M.K.Atorz (vocals) and Almasi Maci Zoltan (bass) in the summer of 1997. The first gig was on 13.02.1998. when the band performed 13 songs - of which 10 were their own, the others being two Napalm Death covers and one Brujeria composition.

Debut CD, Ignorant Indifference At the begining of 99, the Boosters decided that nothing else could be more important than to record as soon as possible. On July 26, in the Park Audio Studio, they recorded 15 songs ( 28 minutes in total). The music sounded pretty cool and they thought that it could be released as their debut CD. During the studio work the other four members of the band asked Maci to leave.

Hard days The next half year saw lots of gigs without a bass player. On the 29th of December, L. Sangre joined the band and it seemed that the line up problems were finally solved. Follwoing gigs were more successful and the band had a nice trip to the Slovak Republic. After a small spring tour with the Korog, Sangre suddenly left the band, just before the most important concert the band had ever faced. Fortunately they were saved by Johnnyka - a great friend of the band - who jumped in and learned the whole show within two weeks! The gig on the Tilos Radio Stage at the Sziget Festival 2000 went really well.

Second CD, Gross Negligence The band still needed to find a regular bassist, but try-outs failed to provide someone suitable. As a result of this, recording of the new album fell behind schedule. In the end, it was decided that Robi, the drummer, would play bass for the studio sessions. The new CD is 38 minutes long with 21 tracks and was released in 2002 by Japan Eclipse Records. MyGen Profile Generator

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