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Biography : Living Corpse

LIVING CORPSE is an Italian death/thrash/hardcore metal that was born in 2000.

They recorded their first mini-ep "The Redline" on August 2005 and played at some concerts in their first official tour.
The band also opened the "Hellbound Revenge Tour 2005" as the only Italian band amongst the other 25: BRUTAL TRUTH, SADIST, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, ALL SHALL PERISH, BRUJERIA.

In June 2009 they started to record their last masterpiece “Metaphysical Collapse”, that has been released worldwide on February 2010 by Coroner Records.

In 2011 they decide to renovate the composition of the band and the music's style, proposing an album with a completely renewed sound, signing again with Coroner Records.

Living Corpse are currently working on the second volume of Imaginary Flying Machines and the production of their new album with producer Ettore Rigotti.

Source : http://www.coronerrecords.net/